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Dan Robert and Lisha Brooks are Los Angeles based actor/writer/directors who hail from Northampton, Massachusetts, "where the coffee is strong and the women are stronger and the first hour of parking is always free." They went to high school and then Emerson College together, where they studied theater. BEARDS has played Outfest, Frameline, and Brooklyn Webfest (Best Actor: Dan Robert) among others. Dan is in his second season working as the Creative Assistant to Shonda Rhimes, and can be seen gasping as a member of a cult in season one of Search Party. Lisha teaches adult art classes in Atwater Village which help creatives access their right brain with more ease and freedom. Together, they are developing a half-hour romantic comedy set in Hell, a thriller feature about a Grindr robbery, and have begun writing a novel about their eight years of education together. They founded Community Day Productions in 2014. They are both represented by 3Arts.